Learn easy Gambits and traps to win your games from Professional Chess Coach Warren Williams AKA Dr. Gambit

Dr Gambit's Bio

Hello, I'm Professional Chess Coach Warren Williams AKA Dr. Gambit. I'm a 2131 Training Rating level on liChess

In my 27 years of teaching chess, I make learning chess a great fun experience. I will teach you how to play the game of chess from my best openings, endgame Tactical traps and Gambits. I will have your chess rating raised via Chess exercises to enhance your overall game. 

My Resume:

I attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 88; I’m a retired NYS Peace Officer, on the job for 25 years. The last 15 years I was a Community Affairs Officer in 2000. I Directed Chess programs for the Youth, teens and Seniors of Parkchester in the Bronx.      

I taught and Organized Chess Tournaments within the Parkchester Community for Politicians, making history for receiving the first Afro American Abrazo Award in 2012; Recipient of several awards and certificates for programs organized, including proclamations from State Senator Ruben Diaz, the Bronx Borough President and Assembly persons for Youth Leadership at the first African-American ABRAZO 2012 celebration. I’ve reached a Rapid 2028 Rating on lichess, also a 2131 Training Level Rating in 2019.

In 2013, I won the NYPD Community Affairs Chess Tournament, a first place Trophie and a Local CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHIE; I’m a Local Champion.

I retired with the department in 2015, then became a Professional Chess Coach with the prestigious (NSCF) National Scholastic Chess Foundation under FM Sunil Weeramantery, God Father to GM Hikaru Nakamura.

I earned the name Dr. Gambit from my friend, the Great and late Dr. Chess from the NSCF.

In May, 2016, I received a Simul Trophie for being the only one to beat 17 year old Omar Cunningham, a 2050 Expert, in his own Simul.

Coaching Platform

Online Coaching


Game Area

Play games online with other students in the academy anytime. Games are saved for analysis


Online Tournaments will be conducted on a regular basis.Students can play from anywhere


Students can sharpen their calculation and visualization skills by playing blindfold chess against engine


Homework problems and studies will be assigned to students . Students can do assignments and homework online. Coach will keep track of their performance


Students tournament games are shared to the coaches for quick access and detailed analysis. We help the student learn from their mistakes and areas to improve by analyzing their tournament games


Students’ progress are tracked on a daily basis and constant feedback will be given to them. We recognize the thinking and playing pattern of the students and nurture them to become a better chess player


Class Hours

Mondays and Saturdays
10am to 12noon

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